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So I feel like shit right now, just giving y'all fair warning that I will be a snappy cow today. Hell I was playing over a conversation I had with a friend on Friday on the drive in and I snapped at him. He wasn't there, it was 56 hours later, I still snapped at him.

Thanks emeraldswan for posting the zeppo_stillness challenge - hopefully it'll spark up some more interest! And if you want me to run the next dawn_stillness challenge just let me know!

I think I also forgot to mention that I posted to _inthedarkness - my brain was a bit screwed up and I can't find anything saying I did so... sorry.

And Maureen? I'm sitting here with my face tripping me and my walkman on - does that not give you a hint that I really don't give a crap about whether you're covering another floor this morning as well as this one? Ever think maybe if you didn't talk the ears off everyone then maybe you wouldn't be so freaking rushed?

Okay, I'm bitching at someone who just said Good Morning. I should be kept away from people.

Oh - one random thing, while I'm in a bitching mood - WTF did Sky One do with Wonderfalls?! It was supposed to be on on Tuesday at 9pm, it wasn't. engelsteorra told me it was moved to Stupid o'clock on Thursday. It wasn't. I can't find it on the schedule at all. Have they stopped showing it after four episodes?!!
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