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Fic/Writing question and random

Couple of random things I'm putting in first - the brown dress I bought and then discovered I had no shoes/boots to wear with it? The dress colour is listed on the label as 'Cappuchino' (yeah, I thought it was funny as well) and I was surfing online shops and found a cute pair of boots which did look like they might be a close match on sale (25 quid for high leg boots - bargain!) So I ordered them, thinking they'd not match but were cute enough for me to wear with denim skirts. The colour of the boots is listed as 'Heather' which (being Scottish) I associate with a kind of purple rather than brown. They arrived yesterday (which was less than 24 hours after I ordered them - go Littlewoods catalogue online shop!) and they're a perfect match! It's almost like they were designed to match the dress to be honest! So apparently 'Heather' and 'Cappuchino' are the same colour - who knew?

Other thing. Few months ago I tried the GI diet, I abandoned it pretty quickly because to be honest it's too damned expensive! (Fancy schmancy veggies and pulses which cost my entire grocery budget for the week) and I'd kinda given up on dieting for a while. And then I was offered a hypnotherapy/relaxation session by one of the local night-schools (all above board and professionally certified - I checked). Wow. I've not had any noticeable weight loss yet but the way I feel about food and eating is completely different now, I only eat when I'm hungry and stop when I've had enough. Sounds really simplistic but until I actually thought about it I didn't realize how much I was eating out of habit or boredom. I feel really quite positive about this approach now. (And yes, I'm watching my blood sugar levels - don't worry!)

Onto the crux of the post:

So there are some characters I really shouldn't try to write, I can't get into their heads at all. I recently discovered this, and it did throw me a little - expecially since I 'get' them, their motivations, even the odd things they often did in canon - but I've decided that maybe that's not a bad thing. I know I can write other characters so why should I worry about the ones I can't?

Because I aspire to be a well-rounded writer, that's why.

Dammit. Okay so it's bugging me more than I realized when I started typing this and I now want to know if you guys have any characters you really can't get into writing and what you do about that. Especially if it's a central canon character in whatever fandom.

I don't mean characters you don't like, personally I hate Shada Dukall in the Star Wars extended universe books but I still write her (and being modest here, I think I manage to capture her okay). I mean the characters who just won't cooperate no matter how much you threaten, cajole, bribe, beg them.
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