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*Beats characters with a big stick*

Why. Won't. You. Behave?!

Do what you're tellt for crying out loud!


Sorry, random character bashing of my own there because they just will not cooperate. They keep wanting to go off and do their own thing which would be fine with me but if I let those two do what they want then all the others will want to as well and there'll be anarchy.


Anyways - for all the UK folks, make sure you are either sitting in front of your TV or at the very least have your VCR or Sky+ set to record Channel Four from 8.30 till 9.30 and then again from 10 till 11. (and if you're quick you could turn over to E4 from 10.55-12 and then back to Sky One for Midnight)

Yup, that's right. After waaaay too long on Channel Four's shelf, Lost finally starts tonight. Yay!! (and it looks as though Sky have moved Wonderfalls to Midnight tonight)
Tags: fic wips, lost
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