the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Fic again - Things Part 4

Really short part to bring it back in line with season three.

Part Four

"So, what, you're telling me never?" Faith asked mid-fight. Part of her couldn't believe that B had never thought of Xander that way, but
the other, more realistic, part of her knew that Buffy was blind to a lot of things going on around her.
"How many times can I say it? I've never done it with Xander." Buffy punctuated each word with an attack on the vamp she was fighting.
Faith smirked as she realised that Buffy was having real trouble with the idea of doing more than one thing at once.
Or maybe it was just the thought of sex with Xander that was throwing the blonde off her game - that was something she could understand. Her thoughts drifted momentarily to the events of that morning, the rightness of waking up in his arms, the sleepy smile she'd received as she'd gently brushed the damp curl of hair from his forehead...

Shaking off the distraction, Faith dusted the vamp she was currently fighting and looked around to see that Buffy had similarly dispatched the one she had been grappling with. That left one more and B made a big noise about how she had kept track of that titbit of information. Rolling her eyes a little, Faith let the older Slayer think she'd gotten one up on her - it was no skin off her nose if B underestimated her from time to time. She jumped back into the fray, leaping over the headstone before her as Buffy counted off some badly thought-out plan.
The vamp caught her a little unprepared and slammed her to the ground, she was just getting ready to flip him over when she realised the weight was gone. Jumping to her feet she saw him with freaky swords drawn advancing on B. The blonde put up an okay fight, disarming him with a well-placed kick, but Faith could see she'd left herself open to a frontal attack.

Sure enough, the vamp rushed the other Slayer and managed to pin her against the tombstone. He was moving in for the kill and things were looking bad for Buffy. Faith rolled her eyes again and charged forward. Driving the stake home she grinned at B through the fast
dispersing dust-screen. Raising her hand for a high five she said, "Nicely diverted B!" If looks could kill, the one that Buffy shot her
would have her spread across the whole cemetery.
"That wasn't diverting! That was fighting for my life!" //Jeez, you'd think she might be grateful that you just saved her butt// crowed the
tiny voice in Faith's head. She ignored it and let the comments roll right off her back, Buffy was always bitching about something and
Faith had long ago given up on caring about it. They looked around for the weapons the vamp had been using so they could take them back to Giles, but they were gone. Faith shrugged, it wasn't like there weren't enough things to worry about in this town, but B seemed really spooked by this. She suggested that they split up and look for them, the blonde seemed to think this was a good idea - or maybe she just wanted to be on her own. Faith was okay with that, she didn't plan on spending too long looking anyway, Xander had said he'd be waiting for her after patrol and the thought of an evening with him brought a soft smile to her face.
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