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Biggest. Spider. Ever.

Seriously, biggest spider I've ever seen outside a zoo was in my bedroom. On the wall. Behind my bed. It was (and still is) gigantic! I'm not arachnophobic or anything, I just don't particulary like the buggers and I hate the thought of one of them being that close to my face when I'm asleep. Especially one that big.

I caught it in a soda glass, and it is a soda glass - really wide neck - the spider's legs were too big for the glass to cover. I had to coax it into the glass with a cd case.


I love living in the countryside, really I do. I couldn't hack city life for the 18 months I did it, but one thing's for sure - I wouldn't have freaking giant spiders if I moved back to the city!

I'm planning on having a really lazy day today, might go shopping since the only thing in my fridge is some pate and coffee but other than that? I plan to do absolutely nothing. I do have a deadline for icons this week - 25 Faith icons to be done for the 18th. I haven't actually started them yet and to be honest I don't know if I will, I may give up that claim if I don't get any done at all today but I'm in no way stressed about that. Plus I had a goal of having Off Course part 2 ready for the end of the repeats tonight (E4 are showing four hours worth of Lost tonight from 8pm onwards) but I'm not going to force it. If it wants to be written it will be.

Hey, that almost sounds like a healthy attitude! Who is this person who's invaded my journal?!
Tags: home, icons, multi-tasking madness
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