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slightly better day today, still headachey, still not 100% but I am better.

I completely forgot until I was driving home that I was babysitting last night, I was supposed to watch my nephew and neice for an hour or so while my sister went to look at a flat that's just come up for sale. I can't remember if I ever said or not, but she's pregnant again. The baby's due in December and when he's born (it's a boy, according to the scans) she will have three children ranging from three years old to newborn in a two bedroom flat so she's looking for a bigger place at the moment.

Anyways, when I got to her house it transpired that my nephew wanted to see the new house as well so I ended up only sitting for my neice. She's... (scrambling to work it out in my head now...) 18 months? Something like that. She's walking and she's on the verge of talking - she talks, just not in actual words yet (apart from buh-bye! that is).

My neice is a strange one, she's a little minx most of the time and she will actively push the limits to see how much she can get away with. She runs her dad ragged all the time which I have to say is absolutely hilarious (yeah, I kinda hate him) and she can be a bit funny around me - this weekend she wouldn't come near me at all. Last night was the first time I've spent any length of time with just her. She made me laugh.

I don't know if she picked up on the fact I was down, because I'm damn sure I was hiding it from my sister and my nephew, but somehow my neice just knew how to make me smile and laugh. Although part of that might have been the sight of Red Dwarf's Cat on a kid's TV show telling stories to puppets... I kid you not. A BBC show called "Storytellers" (which is incidentally set in a library of all things!) and up popped Danny John Jules. My neice loved the fact I got a kick out that!

Random topic shift, I'm taking a half day today to get some things I actually want to do done. I might end up with icons, or a new chapter of Off Course, or I might move the furniture around to make my bedroom a bedroom again instead of the cross between a bedroom, study, linen cupboard, library, junk room that it currently is.

Oh, and I want a new mood theme. Any suggestions? (I could probably make one, I've never really tried)

ETA I bow to acrazywench's superior knowledge. It's Storymakers not Storytellers. But it was definitely the Cat!
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