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So my half day has been filled with me iconing. And not hating everything I'm doing! Yay! All the icons I've made so far today are Faith-centric with the aim of posting them to 25of__ by tomorrow. I have 9 left to do and I'm really happy with 15 out of the 16 I've done so far - go me!

(points at this post's icon - s'one of the new ones... I want to post the rest to the community before I share them here, but I couldn't resist that one!)

ETA I have a quick question - what episode is it where Faith is scrubbing blood from her shirt? I thought it was Consequences but I'm not seeing it. - s'okay, found it. It's Bad Girls.

And I just glanced down to find a little Westie staring up at me intently. Have I been ignoring my dog all afternoon? Probably... ooops!
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