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Site changes, news and question.

Effects... will be back this week - I've got the problems with it solved and it's now just a matter of me not hating the graphics I've made for it (trust me, that'll take a day or so before I actually think it's worth sharing with people, although I've got a miniature of it open right now and I'm getting to like it more. Hmmm. *g*)

To go with the relaunch of the site, I'm keen to have new content on there so if anyone has any Faith/Xander material - either fic, graphics or anything else - please let me know! (Remember the site isn't just about a romantic pairing, it can be a working relationship, a mutual hatred, whatever - so long as Faith and Xander are the primary focus.)

Other things, I'm going to take down my picture resource site soon because the script running it is taking up way too much space and since no one but me can upload to it there's no point having it running it the way it currently is. What I'll do is redesign it and upload them all again without using such a clunky script, so if anyone has any images they're using there - or linking to *glares* - then let me know and I'll upload those again first of all. (Right now I have screencaps for Pinata, the UK Serenity trailer, some from Dalek as well as other random images (mostly Xander-centric being used for zeppo_stillness))

And finally. I'm thinking of setting up another pairing archive, I've not seen one of these around and I know it's a bit of a minority pairing these days, so I'm looking to see how much interest there would be in a Buffy/Xander site. It would be the same idea as Effects... in that it would focus on both romantic and non-romantic relationships so long as they are the principal characters.
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