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12 hours to go...

Okay, so I'm officially excited now. *g* I'm also having severe wardrobe dilemmas, the dress I was going to wear? I kinda hate it now so it''s not coming off the hanger. On the other hand I don't really have any other options so... I may have to go clothes shopping today! It's the hitting of that balance between casual cinema going and glamorous night out that's causing the problems right now. Gah!

Anyways, I'll be a little... distracted for the next few days - going to the premiere tonight, going to the screening of Reel Life: Joss Whedon tomorrow and going to another showing of the film on Wednesday. Yay!

(Oh, and my sister kinda came through with a coat that looks kinda brownish, 'cept it stinks of cigarette smoke so I don't think I'll be wearing it...)

ETA more or less decided - the black silk strappy top I bought on Saturday with my black knee-length denim skirt and the 'heather' boots I bought to go with the original dress. Now I just want a brown coat... *g*

second edit D'oh! My burgundy Buffy-esque leather 3/4 coat! Okay so there's a mark on it where the wheels of my office chair ran over it, but hey - it's the distressed look! Why didn't I think of that one before...
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