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Why do I do it? I know my sister doesn't give a crap about my life and the only reason she feigns interest is when she wants to borrow money from me. So why did I phone her for advice on the horrible noise my car's started making over the last couple of days? Oh yeah, because I figured she might actually be able to give me some advice or that I could get some of the money back that she owes me so that I can get it fixed. No go on both respects.

And then she asked me how the premiere had gone and almost as soon as I started telling her I suddenly found myself talking to my nephew. My three year old nephew. It's a favourite trick of hers when she doesn't want to talk about something is to pass the phone to him.

If she didn't want to know about it why the hell did she ask me and why the hell did I phone her in the first place? I'm tired, I've not slept properly this week at all and I should have known better.


Anyone have any advice on my car by the way? It's making a god-awful sound especially in first-through-third gear, sounds like a souped-up boy-racer car. I figure there's maybe a hole in the exhaust but there's also a severe lack of any real power - my 0-60 is waaaay down now - and my power steering seems a little screwy as well. That's not likely to be connected to the exhaust - is it? Have I got at least two things that need to be fixed in a potentially horribly expensive way?

*calm blue ocean* ('cause thinking of leaves blowing in the wind conjours up a whole new meaning now!)

(randomly - can I just say this new road safety ad is incredible? Bunch of teenagers walking on the pavement just having fun, it's shot on a camera phone and they're just being kids. One of them walks out to cross the road and a car slams into him. It literally took my breath away when I saw it first time.)
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