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web news

Currently coding the new skins for INAP. There were two entries which were too close to call - the lead did change pretty much every time I checked 'em - so I'm going to code them both up for people to take their pick from. The ultimate winner will become the default for all visitors to the site though (after you log in you can choose what format you want to view the site in). Hopefully this'll be done by tonight - shouldn't take too long once I get the first page looking right - and it'll be ready for a proper launch. Yay!

(told you it wouldn't take long! The winning designs are now up at the site - congratulations to both Kayla Shay who was the winner by the narrowest of margins, and to gumboy. Both banners rocked!)

Effects - I know, it was supposed to be up last week only... I was actually physically exhausted and didn't do any web work at all. This weekend is going to be dedicated to getting this site back on it's feet. I miss it.

New site. I'm definitely going ahead with the Buffy/Xander site. I was pretty much decided when I floated the idea in the first place, but to see there is a definite place in the market for it just underscored it. Now the hard part... coming up with a name for it... *g*

That one may take a little longer to appear, hopefully it won't be too long, end of the month maybe?

So I'm on the scrounge again - content, fics, essays, graphics, videos, anything really! For all three sites, email me at shona [at] and indicate which site the material is for.

In other completely random stuff, I can actually go out the front door without having to keep my head down to avoid accusing stares from all my neighbours. Jamie, the wonderful window cleaner, did my garden today. I can open my gate again. The grass is back to ground level and not falling over under it's own weight. My privet hedge is neater than it's been for years! Yay!

ETA oh - and the next chapter of Crimson Regret is well underway as well. Which is why I havem't responded to any of the comments to the previous part yet - these two chapters really only work side by side so I'm keen to see what everyone thinks of the next part. *g*
Tags: effects of a troubled heart, inap, multi-tasking madness, random, websites
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