the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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My brain is officially broken.

Listening to Michael Parkinson's Sunday Supplement on Radio Two. Parky plays jazz classics. It's his thing, and it's much appreciated most of the time. This morning he broke my brain.

Paul Anka.

Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I kid you not.

My brain's broken...

ETA It has to be heard to be believed

Second Edit
01 Eye of the Tiger. (Survivor)
02 Jump. (Van Halen)
03 Everybody Hurts. (REM)
04 Wonderwall. (Oasis)
05 Blackhole Sun. (Soundgarden)
06 It's My Life. (Bon Jovi)
07 It's a Sin. (Pet Shop Boys)
08 True. (Spandau Ballet)
09 Smells Like Teen Spirit. (Nirvana)
10 Hello. (Lionel Richie)
11 Eyes Without a Face. (Billy Idol)
12 Lovecats. (The Cure)
13 The Way You Make Me Feel. (Michael Jackson)
14 Tears in Heaven. (Eric Clapton)
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