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Spam, spam, spam spam, spam, spam, spam spam.

I'm kinda bored now... And my pov for the next part of CR shifted on me mid sentence so I'm taking a tiny break before I go back and hack it to bits. In the meantime I'm spamming my flist with absolutely nothing other than a great lyric.

I didn't hear cheerleading
for creative writing

Heh! I personally think that is a great line. (Idlewild - Century after Century in case you're interested.)

'Kay, I have a question for fic writers out there - what's your preferred medium? Computer or paper? Does it matter? Personally it depends on the fic - WaDaDM is primarily a paper fic, a specific notebook which is horribly close to being full which may explain why I'm finding it not so easy to get the next part written - what'll I do when I have to get a new notepad for it? Will it be the same story? CR started as a paper fic but kinda moves from one to the other - the Faith segments tend to be done on the computer while the Xander parts are done on a notepad (not a specific one though - any scrap piece of paper'll do!) in writing that doesn't really look like anything else I write. Huh, should I worry about that? Maybe I have another personality in my head who can only express itself through writing...


(bonus points if you get that reference and will happily admit to it!)

Okay, enough with the procrastination - must get back to writing... Or George will. *g*
Tags: fic wips, writing
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