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"OneAndOne can bite me" - I think they got the message.

They're not even trying to keep my custom now.

My email:

Thank you for informing me about this. This is not a script I have uploaded and as this is now the fourth time a malicious script like this has appeared on my webspace without my knoweldge I'm extremely concerned about the security of your web servers. I have checked, re-checked and had others check my coding, the scripts I have loaded and every piece of content I have put online. I know for a fact that the 'weakness in the code' is not from my end.

In the past I have spoken to your technical support advisers about this with varying degrees of success and overall have found your company to be unhelpful.

Their reply:

Thank you for contacting us.
You can cancel by going to...

Ah well. The back-up copy is now made - apart from one file which I couldn't get to copy no matter what I did. I'm going to a gig tonight so I won't be able to do anything more until tomorrow but from then on you'll notice things start to disappear. I'll be leaving INAP alone for as long as possible in the hopes that I can just transfer it all in one go. Wish me luck!
Tags: effects of a troubled heart, i need a parrot, inap, pointless nostalgic, sites, white knight awards, wka
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