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so naol tagged me for the idiosyncrasy meme and you know me, never one to turn down a good meme. Except, I couldn't really think of anything so I asked a couple of people.

I apparently have some kind of nervous disorder which results in all sorts of physical manifestations of retreat and protection. The evidence:

  • I constantly run my hand through my hair - this one I kinda knew about and had never really thought of it being a trait. It's more a frustration thing, rubbing my temples morphs into my hand going back through my hair.

  • I giggle a little at the end of every sentence. Classic sign of insecurity. (Possibly a hangover from the days I struggled to finish a sentence.)

  • I sit on my hands a lot. That is a also mostly a conscious thing - otherwise I fidget - but it's also a sign of insecurity.

  • I stomp. The phrase "like a baby elephant" was used. I knew I walked fast but stomping... never really thought of it like that before.

  • When I'm standing talking to someone I tend to stand with my thumbs in the belt loops at the back of my jeans. Kinda like I've got my hands on my hips but less threatening. I did a body-language seminar thing a couple of years back and that's supposed to be a woman's way of presenting her 'assets' to the world, except when I do it I'm in a permanent semi-shrug so it negates that. I also apparently take a half-step back and rock back on my heels all the time. That's a classic retreat/defence mechanism that I didn't realise I did. Huh.

  • Apparently my ever-expanding Buffy trivia is intimidating. My ability to quote directly from a scene, be able to tell the episode, the writer (and sometimes director) instantly is apparently scary. And I'm expanding it into Firefly as well.

And all of this though, according to one person, has a directly inverse correlation to what I'm like when I'm drunk when I become "incredibly extroverted and bossy". Oh-kay....

I really don't have issues with any of this by the way - it's just odd that other people noticed these things about me when I never did. Oh, and also scary that my immediate reaction was to see them all as negative. Hey! That might just be my ultimate idiosyncrasy! Seeing absolutely everything in a really negative light. The ultimate pessimist.

(I'll do the meme properly later - just found this kinda... enlightening.)
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