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Moments Lost good news & To Do List

So my new hosting company is, as we say here, brand new! That doesn't mean they've only just set up, rather it means they couldn't do more to help me make the switchover painless right now!

Only problem is that since my old host company also registered the domain names, I have to go back to them to make the switchover permanent.

And I have to take another copy of the INAP database which is scaring me a little. (Not in a bad way - it's just that me and databases don't mix well and I'm really worried about losing everything. It won't happen, I know that, but there's still that little worry there)

so this weekend is going to be insanely busy for me - starting tonight - as I make the changeover. One thing I really have to say, the moments-lost email addresses will all be out of action for the length of time it takes for me to make the changeover permanent. If you need to contact me in the meantime it's probably best to use any other email address - darth_rosenberg [at] is probably the easiest to remember!


Happy Birthday bastardsnow!!!!

To Do
Copy INAP database
Make sure domain name registry is changed over
Weed out inactive files
Set up sub-directories
Upload active files to new host's server
Re-code links page on INAP
Remove files from old host's server
Set-up new email addresses
Get car exhaust looked at/fixed (yeah, I've still not done that yet...)
Finish new chapter of CR
Use new chapter of CR to test upload on new host
Cancel contract with old host
Make sure all parts of the site are working.
work a little on a potential design for a friend's Gaelic Shamanism site - new book "Dancing With Ravens" by Stuart A. Harris-Logan, I know a published author!
Get very, very, very drunk.

ETA Okay, so my email is now bouncing for some reason - not entirely sure why... The yahoo one is definitely the one to go with methinks...
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