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Status of sites

From the 'bunch of chancers', this morning: You have now started the online cancellation process for a 1&1 Internet package or feature within a package, contract number *******.

From the new wonderful folks two days ago: Your transfer request for the domain has now been initiated.

So yay! Things are definitely moving ahead, I have all the files, now I'm just waiting for the confirmation that 1&1 (aka the 'bunch of chancers') have received my fax.

It's looking good for the transfer. And I have a whole new layout for the main page of ML (not INAP) planned using some fantastic Serenity cast pictures I stumbled over - they're gorgeous!!

Now I'm going shopping, because I only have one beer in the fridge and no chocoloate or doritos. How's a girl supposed to code websites with no beer, chocolate or crisps? It just can't be done!
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