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Since the gig on Wednesday I've been listening to the 'phonics pretty much nonstop. I'd forgotten how much the music gets into my soul. My favourite Stereophoncs song always has been (and probably always will be) Local Boy in a Photograph which was reputedly written about a friend of theirs who committed suicide (He'll always be 23, yet the train runs on and on) A close second for the longest time has been Thousand Trees which blows me away every time. Both of those tracks are on the first album, Word Gets Around which if you can get hold of it is well worth buying.

However, I've been making up for lost time and listening to the newest album Language. Sex. Violence. Other? all week and this one song is making a bid for favourite now. Maybe it's just because of where my head's at these days, but this one really hits home. It's a little bit of an oddity on the album in that it's probably the slowest, most ballad-esque, of the lot. The album is pretty rocky - Kelly Jones is a big AC/DC fan and you can hear the influences more in this album than in any of the others. Anyways... here it is:


It's your time
It's your day
It's never too late
To change lanes
How's your life?
How's your place?
Was it where you wanted
Your head to lay?

But wait, you can breathe
You can see what I can see
Don't waste your time
You can't make back

If you could rewind your time
Would you change your life?

Do you like you?
Do you love your wife?
Or did you pick what
You're told was right?

Dream and be
What you feel
Don't you compromise
What you wanna be

'Cause change is okay
What's the point in staying the same
Regrets, forget what's dead and gone

If you could rewind your time
Would you change your life?

If Jesus rode in on a camel today
With your cross on his shoulder
Time to take you away
Have you done all you wanted?
Are you happy and warm?
Do you miss someone special
You don't see anymore?
Have you blood on your hands?
Do you dream of white sands?
Can you sleep well at night?
Have you done all you can?
The place I was born in
Stays crooked and straight
I see innocent blue eyes
Go blind everyday

Rewind your time
Would you change your life

In other, slightly random news, I just compiled a list of all the sites I run which I want to have updated before I load them to the new host. I'm actively working on eleven at the moment. Eleven.

Most of them need at least one major thing done to them, if not a full rework. Boy this is going to be a busy week! (plus there's another three which I'm happy to transfer just as they are, although they will be being reworked at some point!)

Oh - and emeraldswan, do you want me to post another challenge on dawn_stillness?
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