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soooo sleeeeepy....

I'm going to switch on submissions again on INAP even though the switch isn't complete. It's not going to be complete this weekend so I'll just take another copy of the database when it is ready to be done.

Man I'm tired.

Been copy/pasting code for the last hour of so - and I left my glasses at work. So now I'm going to go check my eyelids for holes for a while. Okay, I really have been listening to too much 'Phonics this weekend. Still knackered though.

Also reached the conclusion that I stress too much about making sure my sites have the latest gimmick, whether it actually adds anything to the site or not. So I'm going back to what I know and love - and what I'm good at - instead of spending hours stressing over why such-and-such a JavaScript command works in Firefox and not IE... and hours is not an exaggeration (in fact days wouldn't be an exaggeration).

Rambling now. I'll leave you to go back to your scheduled friends lists...

Oooo! BBC3 are repeating the last Doctor Who season! Yay!
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