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My house is apparently the Forbidden Forest

You know the bit in the second Harry Potter book with all the spiders? My house.

Just as well they're not poisonous is all I can say.

Going to a convention this weekend, or at least that's the plan. Couple of problems with that - one, no money, at all. Two, no one to look after my dog while I'm away. Hopefully I'll get things sorted tomorrow but right now it's not looking good.

Oh, and I can't get motivated to actually do anything about the graphic I'm supposed to have for Freshers' Fair at work for tomorrow. I'll end up doing it at the last minute same as I do everything else.

How the hell are all these bloody spiders getting into my house?! And where are the webs? I have this horrid feeling I'm going to open an unused cupboard at some point and find a whole colony...

And yeah, normally when I'm this random I switch everything off and go read for a while, right now though I'm waiting for Carnivale to start 'cause I told a girl at work I'd tape it for her....
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