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Bored now

Back to work this morning - still working on a con update to post, should really do that at home I think - and am bored.

Looking at the pictures that were done over the weekend I've reached the decision that not only do I need to start the old eating plan again, but I also have to actually make a decision about what I want my hair to look like and I'm looking for input. I've not had it cut since the disasterous mullet affair which was... a couple of months ago at least. It used to be red but I'm gradually going blonde now - so it's kinda strawberry blonde at the moment (It's naturally a dark ash blonde which I kinda hate). It's in two layers (mullet's fault) the longest layer is shoulder length and the shorter one is just about to the bottom of my ears. I have no fringe (bangs) but the shorter layer tends to fall in front of my face. My hair is very fine and tends to be straight with one or two annoying waves (which right now are sticking out around my ears...) I have a broad forehead coupled with a more or less round face (see above re the need to restart the eating plan). I also don't have a hairdresser I trust any more so I need to find one. I have had my hair all lengths in the past - from really long (midway down my back) to really short (my nickname for a while at school was actually Hedgehog because my hair was so short and spikey - number two clippers up the back...).


Any ideas what I should get done? I have another convention in November (Serenity Squared) and I really want semi-decent hair for then. Those of you who know me personally (or have at least met me) what kind of haircut would you give me if you could? Those of you who've never met me and have no idea what I look like given the description above and the image you have of me what do you think I should do?

Suggestions, pictures, an ability to make decisions all welcomed!

Oh, and I think I may have a fix for the INAP problem but I can't do anything from work so the site's still in Read Only Mode for at least the rest of the day - sorry!
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