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havng a kind of random day today. No plans at all, so I thought I might just get some of the ongoing things I have on the go out of the way. Yeah, that was never going to happen was it? I've done no web work, no writing, no housework (well, I did the dishes but that's only 'cause otherwise I'd have been drinking aproxa-coffee out of a vase). I did make a few more banners (which I'm happier with than the ones I made yesterday) - again posted to ms_graphics over here. Right now it feels like mid-evening and it's only mid-afternoon. I should go do something interesting really shouldn't I? But the question is... what's out there to do that doesn't involve driving or money? I'm sure there's probably lots of things going on around the village right now but getting out there has never really been a favourite thing of mine.

Plus, I'm still really tired and not feeling up to talking to people much today. Guess it's back to watching the blue and yellow sign on my TV saying "There is a technical fault with this channel. Please try later." Am I the only one having trouble with Sky today? I've checked my signal, checked the dish, checked the card - all fine, just nothing coming through the TV.

Rambling now - should go do constructive for a while I think.

ETA Lost - meant to say this earlier, but my reaction to 2.1 - Huh? Too many questions, no answers at all. Some things were incredibly obvious (to the point where it looked like a double-bluff but wasn't) and other things made me want to smack down my favourite character... 'twas good, don't get me wrong, just not what I expected/hoped it would be.
Tags: graphics, real life
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