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Remember last week when I said I had no ability to make decisions? Well, here's another example of that...

Decision time... appointment's at 3, what hairstyle should I go for?


My hair at the moment is about the length of the third option, so if I went with that one there wouldn't be much of a change in length. Because it is so fine (my hair that is) it needs to have a lot of texture cut into it so these options seem to be the best to me. Besides, they're kinda funky and still cute. I think. Of course, what do I know?

Oh - and how much do I love the fact that Discovery Civilisation are running entire series of documentaries in one night? There was one on Channel 4 last year called "Pagans" which I managed to only catch the last two episodes of at the time. All of it was on last night - now I just have to hope my tape lasted through to the end!
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