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Adventures in hairdressing. Part Two.

I have returned from the hairdressers. Those of you who remember the horrid mullet affair may remember how upset I was then.

It's short. Very short. And spikey in the back. And I love it! *g*

ETA I'm not a Trekkie, I watch it when there's nothing else on, but I'm not a fan as such. That said, I do like DS9 a lot, even though it had a lot of problems. I'm currently watching my favourite episode, which just happened to be on today on Sky 1, "Honour Among Thieves" (I got the title from my Sky info thing, I didn't actually know what it was called) - where O'Brien infiltrates the Orion Syndicate to find out how far the corruption's gone. The acting in this, the basic story of a good man who happens to be a criminal (Do you have a family? Good. It's the most important thing.) just blows me away. It's really easy to slag off Star Trek - and let's be honest, it deserves it a lot of the time - but sometimes, like this, there's little gems buried in amongst it. (And yes, I did watch and quite like Babylon 5 - not a fan, but I did like it as well.)
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