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I hate long weekends away from work. Yes I know about computers, yes I can answer most questions people have about the problems the computers have in this place (they're old, they need upgraded at the very least, preferably replaced) but when the server's down there's nothing I can do. I don't know the code to get into the server room. I can't do anything from my desk here. All I can do is say "Yeah, I can't log in to my profile but it'll give me default settings."

I know you can't get into your personal network space - neither can I! I know you can't get into the shared network space - guess what? Neither can I!

Phone IT for crying out loud - don't expect me to fix it when it's clearly affecting every single person in the place - including me!

Sorry - rant over. Good thing about it is that I managed to get some scribbling done whilst I've been sitting here waiting for IT to start.

(Oh, and since she's just walked in - Maureen, I do not give a crap what you were just saying. Leave me the hell alone!)

Oh this is going to be a good day....

ETA FUCK IT!!! Two of the major ejournal providers have just denied our access. I have no fucking clue why and my boss is on holiday so I can't ask her about it. We have something like 11,000 titles on our electronic list and over 2,000 are through these providers. Fuck it!
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