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I'm becoming my mother...

My mum always had a soft spot for the Sunday evening 'dramas' that the BBC and ITV would put on, y'know the kind of thing - Heartbeat, Two Thousand Acres of Sky, Monarch of the Glen. I usually got exposed to them because I was studying in the warmest room of the house (the living room) and by default some of the storylines seeped in through a process of osmosis. I didn't particularly like any of the shows but then I got the chance to work as a runner on one of them for a summer. Monarch of the Glen. It was *really* hard work for very little pay but it was so much fun!

Still wasn't really a fan of the show but I did watch it rather than tolerate it after that point and yes it broke my heart when Useless did what a good spaniel would do and brought back the dynamite...

So why is it that years later I was channel surfing last weekend, stumbled over season two on UK Gold and settled down to watch it. And as if that wasn't bad enough I looked for it again this morning and then... went to see how much the DVDs were on


(Although I did flick over to the current season last Sunday on BBC1 and didn't recognise any characters and none of them hooked me so I switched it over pretty quickly)

(and how much am I loving the slang in it? I used to talk the way Lexie talks before I got so immersed in US TV, now I can't remember the last time I called someone a bampot!)
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