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Another week, another trauma

I have my 'catching up' meeting with my head of department today. These meetings were started when we had a temporary head of dept who was damn good at her job and recognised that I was hating being here and needed an outlet where I could bitch about things and between us we'd try to fix it. She left, she arranged for someone else to take up these meetings so I'd still have that outlet. I've had one meeting since then and that meeting resulted in me being hauled over the coals for missing a conference and getting told to pull my act together. Uh, yeah, maybe some of those things needed to be said but the point of the meetings wasn't to pull me up on a fortnightly basis.

So today, when he tells me whatever it is I've done wrong this time and then asks (with two minutes to go) whether there's anything I want to bring up I'm going to say yes. Absolutely there is.
  • I'm sick of being left without any form of support in this place - last week being the prime example. Ejournals shit hit the fan and the buck stopped on my desk - I had no one to whom I could go for advice, none of my bosses were around to answer my questions, to maybe help me out, and when I asked the head of department for advice he didn't answer me - all he did was email the providers and CC me in.
  • I'm fed up to the back teeth of always being made to feel guilty about the fact that when I need help with grade two tasks I have to ask three or four different people for it. If my job is a supervisory role then have the other rutting supervisors recgonise that.
  • I'm scunnered with always being asked IT questions. I'm not an IT consultant, I'm not an IT technician, they get paid a hell of a lot more money than me so why don't they do their jobs? (Not thinking about the web coordinator for the library at all here, no sir, not me.) (I should point out that this is only job-related IT problems I have issues with, Angie? I have no problem at all trying to help you sort out the virus issues on your home PC)
  • I'm pissed off with being overlooked and (possibly unintentionally but I doubt it) having it rubbed in that no one in authority trusts me here - for example, when the department was restructured not long ago an email went out telling people who to contact for specific queries:
    Serials orders/invoices/print subs - GC
    Serials claims - RC
    E-journal/database queries - email to ejournals@... is likely to be the best first contact. GC is taking over responsibility from L for dealing with general e-journal and database queries (in conjunction with Shona as at present): G works Mondays to Wednesdays, and we encourage you to email the mailbox to ensure a prompt response. If phoning, please use ext XXXX in the first instance
    Ser Sol/ERM module/licenses - LG
    Usage statistics (e-journals) - JF
    Current awareness service -JF
    Document delivery/photocopying - JF/CB
    Binding prep/exam papers - PB
    I put the things I deal with 'in the first instance' in bold because I'm only mentioned in brackets. Doesn't do much for my standing in the library does it? Or for instances like last week (and today) when GC is on leave and I'm the only one answering queries - subject librarians and academic staff are basically being told I'm a lackey with no decision making abilities or real power. (Oh, and ext XXXX is my number. G is on the other side of the office and has her own phone all to herself.)

Wow, I really am kinda ranty today aren't I? I should probably stop doing these early morning posts because I just get myself kinda worked up about it and it puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. The sooner I get out of this place the better.

We have a rota for the grade twos. That rota includes what lunch people are supposed to be on. Yes, we're flexible about changing it if people have things they need to do, or prior arrangements, but to have certain people wander around every single bloody day whining "what lunch are you on, I don't want to be desk cover, can I swap with you?" is really, really, really getting on my wick. *calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean*
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