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ETA I'm taking the friends lock off this post 'cause the discussion about Star Wars New Jedi Order jgracio and I got into in the comments is kinda interesting. To me anyway. :) end edit

Word to the wise, never watch Veronica Mars pilot epsiode when you're in a maudlin mood. It'll just play on all those little insecurities and emotions you thought were long buried...

I'm going to switch everything off now, grab a book (dammit, I'm at Star By Star in my re-read of the New Jedi Order, could it be more depressing?!) and curl up on the sofa for a while.

(I'm fine by the way - just on a downcurve right now. I'll be back to normal tomorrow, honest!)

Oh, and thank you emeraldswan - you know why.

ETA okay, so the book was depressing me (not only plot wise, but also the fact it reads like bad fanfiction) so I opened up Photoshop.

We're Slayers, girlfriend. The Chosen Two!
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