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If you know me personally, and come into contact with me on a semi-regular basis, you'll already know I get a little posessive about odd things. Just a heads up for future reference.

Don't touch my pens!!!

I use specific pens for writing and had one in with me today. Now I have a lid with no pen attached 'cause some jerk has walked with it. Well, it's the kind of ink that dries up if you don't keep the lid on so tomorrow it'll be useless but still. Don't touch my pens! Yes, I know it's a really nice writer, that's why I use it, yes I know it's so much better than a Bic ballpoint - again, that's why I use it...


'kay, I should chill now, I don't get this upset about other office stationary by the way - stapler? All yours. Hole punch - use away! Pens? My pens? Hands off!

I'm not really that pissed off by the way, it's just a pen, still, it is irritating!
Tags: random, work
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