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I think I may be going insane.

I got home, said hello to my dog, leafed through my mail, opened the door to the living room and instantly knew something was out of place. I have really high windows  in my house - meaning there's about four foor of wall before the window starts - not that they're fifteen foot high or anything. Beneath the window (out of direct sunlight) and next to my desk is where I keep my guitar on it's stand.

So why is my guitar (still on its stand)  in the middle of the floor? I swear I didn't put it there - but either there's a really inept burglar out there who just moved one thing or I really am losing my mind.

Hey, maybe it's a poltergeist!

ETA can't have been my dog - reason one: my living room door top hinge is falling apart, when that door is shut it stays shut until someone a lot bigger than a West Highland Terrier pushes against it (plus it was shut when I came in); reason two: the whole thing had shifted, because of the way the stand works someone would have had to taken the guitar off the stand, moves the stand, put the guitar back. Dram's clever, but he ain't that clever. *g*

Oh - I have a random question, I'm going to another of those burlesque club night's out tomorrow. The theme for this one is Hell's Belles. What do I wear? (Yes, I know I'm leaving it to the last minute... and yes, this is the place I made the leatherette corset/basque for way back when) Think if I do a whole Erzbet Bathory theme people'll know what the hell I'm trying to do?
Tags: guitars, real life
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