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Quick layout change & "doesn't play well with others"

Purely because my boss has walked past my desk a few times this week whilst I've been checking my journal so I've changed both the colouring and the layout for the moment. I'll be changing it again this evening - probably back to a Faith-centric banner, maybe. I dunno, I'll see what I can be arsed doing tonight.

In case you hadn't picked up on it yet I'm in a bitchy mood today - didn't sleep at all last night and getting pressured from all sides about various things. So today I'm just keeping my head down and trying not to let things get to me. Fat chance.

Still, feeling like this usually puts me in the mood for writing so you never know, maybe things'll get going with all the multitude of plans I have.

eta one of the girls at work (who I count as a friend, don't get me wrong) is having trouble with her email on her home computer. As per usual when something goes wrong with her PC I'm the first port of call and normally I don't mind but today she doesn't even say good morning or anything, she just comes up and says "So I can't get to my email." I say "Okay, what's it saying?" and she starts asking me what's wrong with me. Guess I'm grumpier than I thought I was. Joy.

This is another little edit. And feel free to ignore me today by the way, I'm ignoring myself. I'm doing work that could be done by a trained monkey. More so than the grade two work right now. Wanna know what I'm doing? I'm clicking on links and seeing where the little phrase "Ovid full text" stops appearing then writing that down. It's what I spent most of yesterday doing and it's what I'll be doing all day today. And I mean all day. This is the kind of list that I usually try to pass out to grade twos to do because it is so mundane and boring. Every time I pass it to them, they spend an hour or two a day on it and start bitching about how their eyes are tired, or how they're falling asleep at their desk. Yeah? Well welcome to my life. I do this for seven hours a day, every single rutting day. Every now and then I might get a phone call or an email with a query which serves as a distraction for a few minutes, but most of the time? I'm checking lists. The university is in severe financial trouble right now. No wonder. They're paying me grade three wages to do work that is realistically grade one work - and I'm just one little example in this whole place, how many others are there at higher grades who are doing chimp-work? Probably a hell of a lot.

Oh - and whoever has that damn fan on? It's bloody Baltic in here! Or haven't you noticed everyone shivering? Gah!

Third and final edit - yes L. I have my CD player on. In one ear. I can hear people asking me questions, I can hear the phone, if someone comes up to talk to me I will take the earphone out. I am sitting in this fucking corner on my own because you didn't see any point in disrupting the office by letting me move desks. Deal with me listening to my walkman.
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