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So just got a chap on the door (meaning someone knocked, not that some landed gentry was nailed onto it...okay, my brain's in an odd place already and I'm only just awake - this is going to be a fun day!) Anyway -' twas the postman with a parcel for me. I've bought two things from ebay this week - a Mara Jade action figure for me (I know, I'm a geek - I've accepted this now!) and a Hallowe'en costume for my three year old nephew. I think I've corrupted him - he was determined to go as Darth Vader. The MJ figure I bought on... Wednesday I think, and the Darth Vader costume yesterday at 3pm. Guess what the parcel was?

So Nephew is going to be over the moon I think - this is a very cool looking costume - and I guess that means I have to go do the family thing today. Joy.

smhwpf? Y'know how I said I'd have something for you by this weekend? Um... not so much. Sorry! It got bigger than it was meant to so I'm going to do some serious editing myself first.

emeraldswan - I'm so sorry I haven't got SKoH back to you yet - today. I promise.

_inthedarkness peeps? You guys around this weekend to get these two scenes going/finished?

Right, I'm away to go check Nephew's costume and wonder how much the adult sizes would be....

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Tags: family, fic beta, fic wips, me, real life, rpgs
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