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Watch out - LJ drama ahead...

My tuppence worth? RPF icks me out on levels I can't begin to explain (mostly because for the first round of WKA I stumbled over some Nick Brendon/Kelly Donovan incest-slash which made me want to bleach my brain and boil my eyeballs to get rid of the memory of quite how badly written it was, seriously - Nick apparently cannot get two words out without stuttering. Has the writer ever heard him speak at all? He no longer stutters to the extent where it's noticeable for crying out loud! (sorry - my own issues there, ignore that!)). I don't read it, I don't host it on the sites, I don't rec it. I'm just not interested in it at all.

Thing is though, other people do like it and that's fine with me - what's that quote that's always misquoted? "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?" To each their own I guess.

So why is leadensky now being abused for putting her opinions in her own journal? Yes, it's a public post, and yes su_herald has linked to it, but it's her journal and her right to express her opinions. She's not even saying that RPS is 'wrong' or should be banned - she's just saying she doesn't 'get' it. From scanning the responses so far, people are either agreeing with her or slamming her for daring to say she doesn't get it.

I guess some people just enjoy making dramas like this. Me? Che sera sera. Live and let live. *insert tired cliche here*
Tags: fandom, lj
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