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morning all!

Nothing relevant to say, just really making it less obvious to the other people in the office that I'm not actually working right now. The sum of things to do today: check seven new journal titles against the catalogue and evaluate them for possible addition to that catalogue. That'll take me all of ... oh, five minutes? So what am I going to do for the next six hours 55 minutes? Lemme see... what's that? A blank Word document? How did that get opened on my screen... Guess I may as well go fill it with something then...


I was actually talking to one of the other Grade 3's this morning and he and I agreed that if HR were to come to us and ask us to justify our positions in the department we couldn't.

At least he has the fallback of needing to be there if his boss isn't - I don't have a direct boss anymore so that doesn't apply... Joy. *g*

Oh - and in case you missed the first post with the table, I got the claim for the Mara Jade fics. So that's 200 'prompted' fics plus NaNo plus everything else. I really am certifiable! The tables, for those of you not involved in the comms, are subject prompts for the fics. As and when I post one of the stories I'll add the link to the relevant prompt on the table which is why I've linked to them in my links list at the top of this page.
Tags: fanfic100, joss100, nanowrimo, random, work
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