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This must be what going mad feels like...

So I posted my first ficlet to joss100

Title: So Cold
Author: Shona
Rating: PG
Character(s): Simon, Mal, River
Prompt: 2:006 - Cold
Word Count: 776
Setting: post-Objects in Space, pre-Serenity (film). (There are some slight spoilers concerning the crew dynamic in the film, they are very slight but if you've not seen it yet and are living spoiler free then you may want to wait a while before reading this.)

( Follow the fake cut )

Kinda forgot that by writing Simon I would automatically also be writing River now and then as well. Now that's difficult writing - if it was just nonsense she was saying then that would be easier, it's the fact that what she says does actually make sense when you understand the context that makes it so complicated. So yes, what she says in this does have a relation to the situation. A virtual cookie of your choice to the first person to work it out!
Tags: fic, firefly/serenity, joss100
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