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Question for IT people

I'm thinking of getting a new USB flash memory stick. The one I'm currently using is the MP3 player I stupidly left at work and while it works okay it sometimes doesn't and to be honest it goes through batteries at a rate of knots.

So, suggestions on what I should be looking for? Brand names, peripherals, all that stuff?

(still sneezing by the way!)

Oh - and lookit my new icon! Made for me by emeraldswan - thank you Emmy! And speaking of....

Happy Birthday Emmy!

Quick FYI for everyone - Tony Head is going to be on Jonathon Ross's radio show on Radio 2. The show's already started but he's not been on yet. ETA Gah! Sis? Did me not saying "can I call you back, I'm listening to something?" and then turning the volume up so loud I couldn't hear you not sink in at all?! Tony's on just now - I have no clue what he was talking about because I was on the phone. Joy.
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