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The Great Banking Conspiracy. Part 2

So after yesterday's mess with the direct debits and the charges I have more bank related news. Since I had to phone the bank yesterday I had my card in my pocket rather than in my wallet. Also in that pocket was a packet of tissues, my mp3 player and my keys for work.

This morning that pocket contains the packet of tissues.

I have no idea what happened to the rest of the things, they could be in the house although I checked pretty intensely (the term 'bombsite' might not be an over-exaggeration right now). They're not in the car - I've checked that inside and out. There's no sign of a smashed mp3 player either where I park or in my driveway (in case it fell out as I was getting in or out of the car and someone ran over it). There's also no sign of dodgy transactions on my bank account.

Plus my car took forever to start this morning - it was like the opening bit in Dodgeball for a while there - and I have no milk for coffee.

I'm going home.

ETA talking to Monkey about where the stuff could be, I remembered that Dram had dragged some things out of the bin in the kitchen yesterday so when I got home I didn't take my jacket off straight away. Since I was bending down to clean up the mess, it's entirely possible that it all fell out and is under the kitchen table. *fingers crossed* (also fingers crossed that I have enough petrol to make it home, it'll be cutting it close and I have nothing with which I can buy more!)
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