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There's nothing quite like a mindless repetitive task to really get your nerves on edge. Excel sucks and is currently giving me a headache and I'm only at Acta in a very long alphabetic list ending with Yearbook of... Getting that far has taking me all morning plus an hour yesterday afternoon. This data should not be on a spreadsheet, it should be on a database. This is going to take me months to compile and I know it's just going to sit on the server for seven years before it's deleted and in the meantime (and this is the important part) No One Will Look At It.

People keep talking and I know it's 'cause I'm headachey but the volume seems to be insanely high, there's an odd cheesy smell near my desk and it turns out there was a flood last night and there's probably goodness knows what crap coming through the air con vent right over my head. I'm just having a wonderful week this week aren't I?

So who had bets on "3 hours" in the "how long the positivity kick lasts" stakes?

ETA Heh! I've moved desks to get away from the smell and the computer I'm now at is one of those with the really annoyingly noisy keybards. Still - at least there's no damp cheese smell now!
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