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Um. Oooops

So I got me some sleeping pills yesterday. Guess what? I overslept.


I'm still feeling crappy so I've called in a sick day, but hey - at least I know the medication works! (plus, now I have a whole day to curl up under the duvet and write. Speaking of, someone sneak into my laptop and hide both free cell and 3D pinpall please? Cheers! I should have the OFWI draft finished today definitely, it's odd, once Willow started talking I got all the dialogue done, now I need to put actual prose around that. I've only done that with one other story in the past, and that was a pre-ship B/X fic. Heh!

Between Lies and Dreams on the other hand (my NaNo novel) is still dragging its feet. I will get this done, I swear it, but it's so much harder than I thought it'd be. And I thought it would be pretty difficult.

My GP was patronising yesterday, I've had issues with him in the past (he actually accused me of being a malingerer whilst I was sitting in his surgery in immense pain, with a neck brace on, unable to move my upper body at all (plus he gave me a neck brace which was too large, making the problem worse - I have an extra piece of bone on one of the vertebrae in my neck, it traps nerves and causes real problems every now and then). Yesterday he was actually quite nice, or tried to be, but I just felt like he was patronising me. Yes I'm depressed, yes I'm an insomniac, but I'm also an adult, I don't need him patting me on the shoulder and telling me I'm doing well for not crying in his office. Oh, and if I want to call it 'help' I don't need him telling me that's the wrong term. It is help. It's helping me help myself, that's still help. I have no problem using the word because 'support' doesn't cover it. Him telling me I'm using the wrong word just pissed me off yesterday, but if it'd been a bad day it could have knocked any sense of self-esteem out the window.

Oh - I have a favour to ask emeraldswan? Could you take over zeppo_stillness this week? If you've not got time (I know you're really busy right now) don't worry about it, I'll put it on hiatus for a week, I just have no time at all right now to concentrate on it.
Tags: fic wips, health, nano, random, zeppo_stillness
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