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I'm such a softie!

Getting ready to go out shopping and I've got National Geographic on. There's a show about the Hunting Hounds of Arabia on and I'm just sitting here going "Awww!" at the little Saluki pup learning to hunt.

She's just so cute! Probably won't come as a surprise that I'm a dog person then!

Oh - and completely unrelated - the B/X site is actually almost ready. It's online and all it needs is some tweaking on the graphics and a link to the gallery (uploadable - yay!) and I'm almost ready to take it live.

I'm *this* close to going with "Not Too Complicated" as the site name, but smhwpf came up with the suggestion "Hand on Heart" which I personally really like Thoughts?

Oh - and a full nine hours sleep last night. Go Team Me! *g*

Speaking of smhwpf, He's currently writing another of his 'history' BtVS fics - pre-Buffy Slayers. Sam's "Tales of the Slayers" are fascinating and so well written, everyone should read them! Go here for part one and here for part two

And last - but definitely not least!

Happy Birthday nwhepcat!!
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