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Website question

So I was planning to use a Coppermine gallery for both the new B/X site and for Effects of a Troubled Heart, two problems with that - firstly, they don't support .gif extensions and since I have at least one animated .gif icon to add to the Effects... gallery that's a problem. Second, their idea of tech support sucks. Yeah, I get that it's open source and the support peeps are doing it unpaid, but they're so damn rude and condescending that looking for anything on the forums results in at least three hits along the lines of "this has been answered, check the forums" and having every single moderator have a note in their sig line saying "Don't PM me without asking first, it'll just be binned" makes me think this really is not the gallery I'd want to use even if they added .gif support.


Anyone know of any other good, free, customisable gallery scripts which support all graphics file types? (And allow multiple galleries adn registered user uploads?)
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