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L'enfer c'est les autres

So it turns out that even more than not getting to sleep in the first place, being woken up from a deep sleep by a scraping noise which seems designed for the sole purpose of putting ones teeth on edge is the worst thing that could have happened last night.

I'm now really headachey, I have little jagged lights flashing on and off in my left eye (it's a blood pressure thing, haven't had it for a good few years now but it's not anything to worry about unless it's constant) and am so damn tired it's not funny. edit and my jaw hurts. That one's new to me - probably the overall headache causing it, as well as gritting my teeth not to snap at everyone. end edit

And I can't leave early because there's a kid coming in this afternoon on a work placement from his school.

Plus, I'm still wading my way through that data file that was going to take forever.

This is my own personal hell isn't it?

Just remembered I have loads of things to do before Thursday so I'm going to do one of my to-do-lists.

  • Finish hat (almost done, need to do the pom-pom but that shouldn't take too long) and maybe get the t-shirts done

  • Get laundry done for the things I'm planning to take with me

  • Burn CD's for thedothatgirl

  • Print off scanned picture for both thedothatgirl and acrazywench (and save it to disk as well)

  • Get OFWI fic posted today.

  • Get more of Between Lies and Dreams written rather than just letting it float round my head

  • Go round to the neighbour's house and tell him he's a prick and if he does that again I'll be calling the police

  • Make sure the money transfer went through so that I actually have some cash this weekend.

  • Pack

  • Write some more BL&D

  • re-pack

  • Write some more

  • close out the current round of zeppo_stillness and get some banners up for the past few rounds (so not been in a graphics frame of mind lately)

  • Re-pack again

  • Sleep at some point

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