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Last rant of the day

My half hour training thing with the school kid was from 2.30 to 3 so I arranged to leave at 4 on flexi time. I feel kinda bad for the kid, I'm not the best person at talking to folks I don't know and he was just a kid who's probably lucky if he's even set foot in a library before. I bamboozled him, I could see it in his face, but then he was asking intelligent questions so maybe it wasn't sooo bad. Anyways, 3:58 and L emerges from her office, grabs a chair and pulls it over to my desk. "Shona, I've got something urgent for you to do. Can you make a start on it?"
Me: "I'm leaving at four."
L: "Oh." keeps hold of chair back, "Well, this is urgent..."
Me: "I'll be in at 8 tomorrow - traffic allowing."
L (sits down):" Right, well this is what I wan't you to do. Jackie just asked for this two minutes ago." (I know for a fact Jackie had asked her at lunchtime because it was me who transferred the call through...)

ten minutes later

L: "So it'll probably take a while but Jackie wants it by Friday and since I'm off all day Thursday..."
Me: "I'm off on Thursday and Friday."
L: "Are you?" (looks at me as if I'm going to say I'll change my mind and come in)
Me: "Yeah, it's my annual leave."
L: "Oh..."

So now as well as the data file from hell to sort, I also have this really urgent thing that needs compiled by Friday. It's at least a week's worth of work to do in seven (or eight if I stay to five tomorrow) hours.


ETA wonderful. Dale's in and he's just started the scraping thing again... I'm not even sure what it is now, it sounds more like sawing than scraping but it's definitely at the wall. I was joking with someone at work today that he's such a prat maybe he's putting up shelves and cutting them to size on the wall. Now I'm thinking that's maybe not so much of a joke. (Oh, and I've taken down all the pictures I have on that wall just in case he manages to cut through the wall - 'cause honestly? It sounds like he might just manage it.)
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