the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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Busy like a bee actually!

This thing I was asked to do isn't going to take me as long as L thinks it will - she started it last night apparently and was sitting with a calculator adding up all the columns on an Excel spreadsheet on that. I haven't shared the secret of the =sum(A1:L1) formula...

I should be done by two o'clock. *g*

Got my OFWI fic back from one beta who has put my mind at ease, just waiting for the other and I'm going to re-work the ending a little before I post it. Tonight. *fingers crossed*

Two difficult things to add to the data file and then I'm done. Phew!

Oh and my neighbour seems to have gotten the message - no noise at all last night after about 9pm. Yay! Although I did wake up randomly at 3am for some reason - no idea why!

(NaNo news - haven't got anything new written for a few days now and now Brogan's gone into a comatose "where am I?" type fugue state which is fun, but it means there's not a lot of actual word content there. Joy. Beginning to really think I'm not going to get this finished. Grrr)
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