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I want this. Badly.

Why am I awake? Why was I awake two hours ago? I'm not working today, I should be doing that thing people do at night sometimes, y'know when they kinda go into a coma like state for a few hours - sometimes as much as ten I'm told.

Sleep. That's it.

But nope, I'm awake and online. Joy... Dog goes into kennels today for his holiday whilst I'm on holiday, and I've done it again - I have no idea where his vaccination record is and the kennels won't take him without it. Guess this'll be another weekend when it won't be entirely clear when I get back whether the house has been ransacked by a burglar or by me...

I have so much still to do... In case I haven't mentioned where I'm going this weekend? Here's where. *g*

eta the to do list from the other day:

  • Finish hat (almost done, need to do the pom-pom but that shouldn't take too long) and maybe get the t-shirts done

  • Get laundry done for the things I'm planning to take with me

  • Burn CD's for thedothatgirl

  • Print off scanned picture for both thedothatgirl and acrazywench (and save it to disk as well)

  • Get OFWI fic posted today.

  • Get more of Between Lies and Dreams written rather than just letting it float round my head

  • Go round to the neighbour's house and tell him he's a prick and if he does that again I'll be calling the police

  • Make sure the money transfer went through so that I actually have some cash this weekend. (kinda done)

  • Pack

  • Write some more BL&D

  • re-pack

  • Write some more

  • close out the current round of zeppo_stillness and get some banners up for the past few rounds (so not been in a graphics frame of mind lately)

  • Re-pack again

  • Sleep at some point

S'funny, nowhere on that list can I see "Watch five episodes of Wonderfalls" but that's what I've done so far... *g* Dog's in kennels now, I love the woman who runs that place, she's so enthusiastic and Dram obviously adores her. I also have a case packed now, it doesn't actually have anything I might need in it, but it's packed...
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