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the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Angel spoilers...

Wow, so it was worth it if only for the yummy Lindsey goodness! Not a bad episode by any means, nice little twist I guess (although I have to admit I saw Lindsey's revelation about the time scale of events coming from way back) It didn't have quite the emotional impact of the previous couple of episodes and it felt very much as though there were two shows going on at the same time here - one with Wes and Illyaria and one with everyone else.

I don't care about Lorne any more, so the whole emotional scene? bored me.

Gunn's atonement, poor guy. but I can't shake the feeling that even though he did the only thing he could so they could Lindsey out he was copping out. He doesn't remember any of it and suburbia isn't really that bad...

Illyaria's comment that Wes drinks too much and called her a smurf - so damn funny!

Spike's "What? I'm listening, with beer." - wonder if I can pull that off in my next meeting at work?

Eve, I still don't have any sympathy for her but I don't feel she's as badly miscast as I did up till now.

New guy - I'm going to call him Jayne just because it was all I could think of watching him (for those of you who didn't see Firefly that was his character name in that show) Funny I guess, but not all that menacing really.

Angel - strange one this, I think I'll wait to see what his reaction his to the revelations but I spent a lot of the episode thinking "Will you stop bitching and do something about it then?" Guess we'll see what comes of it next week.

And finally, Lindsey. Sweet, kind-hearted with a nasty streak Lindsey. Still zero chemistry with Eve but I'm coming round to the thought that maybe he does love her in a weird way. This episode just underscored for me how he is the only really "human" character left. He's holding a grudge, he's being petty, but he's being a realist as well. Plus, it's starting to look more and more like I was right - he's not actually evil he's just letting his hatred of Angel get in the way. all how you look at the glass

engelsteorra said to me today that this was an instantly quotable episode, you were so right! Every single scene has at least one classic line in it!

Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it.
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