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Oh how do I wish my light meter had been working properly on my camera?! Got the films back from the Saturday and there's some really well framed and in perfect focus pictures - but they're *really* dark...

So... I'm now faced with a choice, Do I go get my very old but pretty decent SLR camera fixed which will probably cost me more than my parents paid for it in the first place? (It was bought second hand for me after I aced my O Grades when I was 16) Or, do I save up and buy a good quality digital SLR with flash which will take the lenses I have? (Pentax or Vivitar)

Decisions, decisions...

Oh, and the processing peeps kinda screwed up a little and a few of the pictures are half'n'half. I said to my sister "It's not a big issue, I have all the developing equipment, all I need to do is get the chemicals and paper."
She decided to show how smart she was and said "You won't get it, everyone's using digital now."
I rolled my eyes and asked where she'd heard that, she said it was "from someone in the industry." but wouldn't tell me any more.

I've been into photography for years, hence me getting a damn good camera (albeit second hand) when I was 16. I've been developing pictures for almost as long, I stopped when my dad died because it was one of those things we used to do together and I just didn't feel right about it without him. Anyways, I know the 'industry', digital images are not as good or as reliable quality. Professional photographers still use films and darkrooms for preference, digital is only really used when deadlines come into play...

Anyway, a really quick search confirmed that Jessops still sell all the chemicals (and fairly cheaply as well) so I may be setting up my darkroom soon!

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