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Fic and pimping...

Made my first submission for iconfic150


This community isn't getting the attention it deserves - it's a 20 week challenge to write 50 fics and create 100 icons on a single subject. You can claim a TV show, a film, a book, a character, anything you like really! So far I'm the only Whedon-verse claimee on the community and I'm starting to feel a little lonely... Come! Join!

And... Take Me Out To The Black - finally getting back to posting Simon fic over at joss100! (I'm not all that happy with that one but since I've re-written it at least five times over the last couple of days I'm just going ahead and posting it...)

And while I'm in a pimping mood - smhwpf has a new chapter of his Tales of the First: The Calling out - it's wonderful. Go read it now. *g*
Tags: fic, fic recs, iconfic150, joss100
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