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See the icon? See how the guys are blurry? (done intentionally via the 'smart blur' filter to keep the focus on Faith). That's my eyesight right now.

It's fun staring at an Excel spreadsheet without being able to focus on it! No, really it is!

In random news, the Scottish AU ficathon is going ahead. I'm morbidly fascinated by this whole thing now and may just (not as part of the ficathon of course) re-visit the plot bunny that was born from a snippet of dialogue that popped fully formed into my head one snowy day last winter (ned kid: "Ho, missus! Gonnae gie's wan o them?" Faith (cigarette halfway to mouth): "What did you call me?"). That is, of course after I finish the joss100, fanfic100 and iconfic150 challenges and start on the Africander challenge (oh and not forgetting the already existing works in progress...

Yeah, I have waaay too much to do right now!

And why do I have a random Jamie Cullum song in my head? I haven't listened to it for a good couple of weeks now but it's popped in there for some reason... "catch the sun... it never comes..." *sigh*

Oh - dragonydreams! I still owe you an icon! I'll have a go at it this weekend. And emeraldswan? You mentioned you wanted a Mal icon? I'll see what I come up with for you!
Tags: fic wips, random
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