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I have a headache, I can barely see, my focus keeps going in and out. I ask my boss if I can lave an hour early tonight and she tries to say no because my flexi-buddies aren't here. Yeah, this is me back to the issue that in my department I'm the only one who has to check with two other supervisors to see if I can take time off. We are really quiet, I'm not doing any time critical work right now and there will be two supervisors in the department (supervising four Grade twos by the way) if I leave.

Three weeks ago she (my boss who just tried to refuse me) said that it didn't matter so much in the last hour of the day so long as enough people were left to close down the department.

Four grade twos and two grade fives (plus a grade three who's nominally attached to the department in a non-supervisorly role) seems like plenty people to me...

I compromised a little, I'm leaving at 4.30 and for the rest of the afternoon I'm going to be bitching about just how sore my head is.

On a completely different topic - iyalode has a question about post-Chosen Willow and what she'd be up to in South America. I know there are a few Willow writers/readers amongst you guys so I thought I'd forward on the question. *g*
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